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A trans Legend joins the lineup thanks to Apex Legends' new legend

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

In November, Respawn's Eclipse upgrade will include Catalyst.

Developer Respawn Entertainment revealed Monday that Catalyst, a defensive terraformer and conjurer with "amazing, almost magical," control over ferrofluid, will be the next Legend to join the Apex Legends ensemble. She will join the game in November along with Apex Legends: Eclipse, the following significant update.

One of the many LGBTQ Apex Legends characters is Catalyst, actual name Tressa Smith. According to a report from GamesRadar, Respawn closely collaborated with GLAAD advisors and the studio's own trans employees in producing her. She is voiced by actor Meli Grant. The non-binary Legend Bloodhound is another character in Apex Legends.

In a brand-new "Stories from the Outlands" animated clip, Catalyst is depicted as a member of a group of friends who battle to defend Cleo, the moon of Tressa's planet Boreas, which is under threat from mining operations by the Hammond Robotics company. Tressa unintentionally gets entangled in an eco-terrorist conspiracy and a fight with Hammond under the advice of her friend Margot as a prelude to her entering the Apex Games.

A new map for Apex Legends is rumoured to take place on the broken moon of Cleo. Before Apex Legends: Eclipse launches on Nov. 1 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Respawn and EA promise additional information.

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands: Last Hope

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