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Aloy visits Los Angeles with the DLC for Horizon Forbidden West

The Game Awards took place on Thursday night, when Burning Shores, the new DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, was revealed. Aloy soars over the water in the trailer while riding a Sunwing, a rideable machine that resembles a pterodactyl. She flies by what look to be Los Angeles landmarks like the Capitol Records Building and Griffith Observatory before swooping past the instantly identifiable Hollywood sign as a teaser for what can only be an expansion set in the city.

On April 19, 2023, Burning Shores will be made available for PlayStation 5. This year began with the release of Horizon Forbidden West. Despite defeating the Hades procedure in the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy faces new, risky challenges in the follow-up. In Forbidden West, Aloy travels along the breathtaking west coast in her quest to find a means to stop a global hunger.

Beyond the action-packed machine fights, the expansive, open-world game's greatest moments featured exploring and snooping about recognisable locations. Aloy races across the ruins of post-climate catastrophe San Francisco while reviving the neon lights of Las Vegas, complete with futuristic holograms.Swimming beneath the surface will allow you to observe the renowned Ferry Building entirely submerged. Even scaling a massive, teetering tower is a side task (perhaps the Millennium Tower).

Aloy fighting her way across Los Angeles in an expansion would be perfectly appropriate and in line with the overall plot. We've just seen the Hollywood sign being damaged in the film thus far, but who knows—maybe Aloy will climb a palm tree, discover an old In-N-Out, or assist in bringing Arclight theatres back to life. Just a notion (I can say these things because I reside here).

For the PlayStation 5, there is a game called Horizon Forbidden West.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Burning Shores expansion for Horizon Forbidden West will also be coming to PlayStation 4. It is only for the PS5, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores | Announce Trailer

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