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Announced on PS VR2, PC, Quest 2, and Quest 3 is Arashi: Castles of Sin - Final Cut

Arashi: Castles of Sin - Final Cut has been made available for PlayStation VR2, PC, Quest 2, and Quest 3 by publisher Skydance Interactive and creator Endeavour One. It will debut this autumn.

From Skydance Interactive, the following is a summary of the game:


Take on the role of the deadly assassin Kenshiro as you travel across feudal Japan to defeat the Six Oni of Iga, a bandit group spreading chaos across the land. Through a wide variety of weapons, tools, and techniques, you’ll infiltrate conquered castles and outwit your enemies as you hunt down each Oni.

With your cousin Ayane providing guidance back at base and your loyal wolf Haru on the field, prove yourself as the ultimate warrior and save Japan.

Key Features

  • Virtual Reality’s Award Winning Stealth Action Experience – Using the innovations of next-generation virtual reality hardware, immerse yourself in the ultimate shinobi fantasy. Leap from rooftop to rooftop, hide in shadows and perform lethal sneak attacks, survive impossible odds in sword combat, and vanish from the scene just as quickly as you arrived. Heightened graphical fidelity and carefully tuned controls make each new battle more engaging than the last.

  • Become an Oni Slayer – Each castle you conquer is capped off with an exciting battle against one of the Six Oni. Each bandit leader is a unique combatant both in style, personality, and abilities, putting your mastery of the sword to the test. Prove yourself against these fearsome foes as you hone your skills with each new encounter.

  • Haru, a Samurai’s Best Friend – Your mission for justice is not one you take alone. With your canine companion Haru by your side, praised for his advanced AI and usefulness, Arashi brings a unique sense of companionship not found in other virtual reality titles. Haru will be an ally you won’t soon forget as you take down opponents together throughout each new dangerous location.

  • The Arsenal of a Ninja – No assassin is complete without a wide set of tools at their disposal. Customize your arsenal as you see fit before each mission with blades, grenades, mines, arrows, blowguns, pistols, and more! Whether you want to make it through unscathed and unseen, or want to face your enemies head-on with style, your choices are always supported.

Watch the trailer for the announcement below.

Arashi: Castles of Sin - Final Cut | Cinematic Announcement Trailer

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