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Athena Asamiya and Lady Chin Gentsai Join the Fight on The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Athena Asamiya and Lady Chin Gentsai are new characters that have been added to The King of Fighters ALLSTAR in a recent update. Everyone may take advantage of the new combat cards and in-game activities.

Hello Ladies!

With her addition to the game, Athena Asamiya (Yellow Element/Balance type) introduces a leader talent that can boost a [Extreme] fighter's ATK and Critical DMG by 50% and 35%, respectively. In the meantime, she has special abilities that give her a 10% ATK and a 600 Penetration boost for five seconds for each strike, stacking up to five attacks. She also has a special ability that grants her four seconds of damage immunity when her HP is 20% or lower, with a 10-second cooldown.

Battle Cards

As a leader, Lady Chin Gentsai (Red Element/Defense type) can boost a [Red element] fighter's ATK by 50% and Critical DMG rate by 25%. She has a special ability that, when landing an active skill with a seven-second cooldown, increases Physical DMG by 150% of Critical DMG Rate for seven seconds. She also has a PVP-only special ability that enables her to fire a Critical Hit Shield that deflects damage for seven seconds when her health is at 70% or above. Additionally, after being hit six times, players lose access to the Critical Hit Shield, which has a 15 second cooldown.

In-Game Events

Team Co-op Event

  • Different rewards are available to players able to clear those missions during the event period.

  • Rewards are based on team or individual score.

Popstar Gift Event

  • Players can get either Popstar Cake, Popstar Chocolate, or Popstart Heart Letter through the Halloween Gift Item Mystery Box during the event.

  • The item can then be gifted to fighters, and rewards offered are based on the player’s level achievement.

Rush Dungeon: Fire, Psycho Soldier!

  • Once they clear the round for each stage, players can get rewards like the “Fire, Psycho Soldier! Rush Event Coin” and growth items for fighters.

Challenge Dungeon, Strength Equals Cuteness!

  • This new dungeon opens once players obtain either XV Athena Asamiya or Lady Chin Gentasi.

Halloween Witch's Login Bonus

  • A special login event offers players rewards including the Awaken EXP Capsule and Elite Enhancement Hammer.

EX Event Codex

  • Obtain XV Athena Asamiya or Lady Chin Gentsai during the event period, and rewards are offered as the fighter grows.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on Android and iOS. Learn more about the game here.

[KOF ALLSTAR] XV Athena Asamiya, AS Lady Chin Gentsai PV

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