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Battle Crush a multiplayer battle action game, will be released by NCSOFT for Switch, PC, and mobile

Developed for Switch, PC (Steam), and mobile devices, Battle Crush is a new multiplayer battle action game from NCSOFT. It'll debut in 2023.

According to the game's Steam page, below is a description:


FIGHT and SURVIVE! Battle Crush!

Let down by dull games that promise thrills?

Experience adrenaline-fueled action with simple, fast-paced gameplay!

Join an intense showdown between characters fighting to reach the top!

Feel the rush of excitement with each blow in this action-packed fighting game!

Key Features

  • Mythical Brawlers – Take on the battle field with characters based on mythology.

  • Multiple Gameplay Modes – Choose from a variety of modes to match your play style:

  • Brawl Mode – Fight for survival in a confined arena with fast-paced combat.

  • Battle Royale Mode – Enter a vast battlefield and compete to become last one standing.

  • One-Versus-One Mode – Go head-to-head against your rivals in intense one-on-one battles.

Watch the trailer for the announcement below.

[NCing] Battle Crush Trailer | eNCounter | 엔씨소프트

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