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Board game Machi Koro's digital version, Minna to Machi Koro, has been revealed for the Switch and P

A digital and online adaptation of the board game Machi Koro called Minna to Machi Koro has been released by Grounding, Inc. This summer, it will arrive on PC and Switch on Steam.

Here is a summary of the game provided by Grounding:

Machi Koro is a tabletop board game that was nominated for the 2015 edition of Spiel des Jahres, a German award for board and card games, in which you roll dice, earn coins, and develop the town.

Minna to Machi Koro is the definitive edition of the Machi Koro series, developed as a digital and online version by Grounding. Enjoy games of Machi Koro with everyone online!

Watch the trailer for the announcement below.

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