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Code: To Jin Yong, an open-world action game in the Wuxia genre, has been announced by Lightspeed St

A Wuxia-style open-world action game based on the martial arts novels by Jin Yong has been unveiled by Tencent Games subsidiary Lightspeed Studios called Code: To Jin Yong. The release date and platforms were not disclosed.

"Coming soon is our first Unreal Engine 5 game! According to the press release from Lightspeed Studio, "Code: To Jin Yong is based from the acclaimed series of martial arts novels by renowned novelist Jin Yong. "Code: To Jin Yong, the first Unreal Engine 5 open-world game featuring the great heroes of the Jin Yong pugilistic realm, will soon be made available to players all over the world. Players can anticipate exploring the huge and majestic universe of martial arts at their leisure. Watch for the launch, please!

Code: To Jin Yong - The First Unreal Engine 5 Game of LightSpeed Studios

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