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Coming in 2023: Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation

Shuuen no Virche: ErroR:salvation, an otome visual novel, will be made available on the Switch in the west by Aksys Games in 2023, the firm declared.

On October 7, 2021, Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation- was released for the Switch for the first time in Japan.

Here is the plot summary from Aksys Games:

The residents of Arpecheur are cursed to pass away by the age of 23 and are surrounded by the sea and the black blossoms of misery. One young woman named Ceres appears to expedite the deaths of everyone she meets in this nation controlled by the god of death, so she resolves to take her own life. However, everything changes when a strange figure known as the "watchman of death" appears in front of her.

Shuuen no Virche ~ErroЯ:Salvation [EN title pending] -Official Announcement Trailer- Nintendo Switch

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