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Coming to the West in Q1 2024: Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files

The publisher Nicalis announced that Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files, a compilation of point-and-click adventure games, will be available for the Switch in Q1 2024 in the western regions. It will be accessible digitally and in hard form.

In Japan, Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files was initially released for the Switch on October 6, 2022. Along with two additional scenarios and a large in-game gallery featuring over 500 pictures of rare artwork, development, drawings, and comic strips, it contains all three of the core Touch Detective games. For the first time, Touch Detective 3 will be officially launched in English after undergoing localization in the west.

Here is a summary of the assortment provided by Nicalis:


This jam-packed adventure-game collection features Touch Detective 3, the biggest and best adventure of junior detective Mackenzie and her faithful sidekick Funghi, playable in English for the first time. With the arrival in town of the highly competitive detective Norman Touche, the pressure’s on Mackenzie to solve cases before her rival does!

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files also includes the entire original Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½ games, plus two bonus cases starring Funghi, and an extensive museum of artwork and music from the entire Touch Detective series. Help Mackenzie and her friends as they search for clues, interview suspects and get to the bottom of one zany mystery after another!

Key Features

  • Enjoy Touch Detective 3, fully localized in English for the first time.

  • Play through the complete series, including Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½ with improved localization (and more hints!).

  • Use the touch screen or standard controls to explore the town and examine clues.

  • Help Mackenzie to complete her Touch Lists and Investigation Reports in all three games.

  • Meet colorful and eccentric characters like bubble-headed daydreamer Penelope, self-proclaimed “super sleuth” Chloe, genius inventor Cromwell, and many more.

  • Try bonus scenarios: Funghi Breaks Out! and Funghi: The Interviews.

  • View over 500 digital materials from the Touch Detective series, including concept art, sketches, character art, and even localized comic strips.

  • Listen to all the music from all three Touch Detective games via the Jukeboxes.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files Announcement Trailer

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