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"Diablo: Immortal" PC and mobile version comparison, Widely praised by beta tester

"Diablo: Immortal", jointly produced by Blizzard and NetEase, has recently been launched on the international server, and the national server will be officially launched on June 23. The game is available on the PC and mobile terminals, and supports the mutual inheritance of progress between various platforms.

Blizzard said earlier that the PC version of "Diablo: Immortal" is not a direct transplant of the mobile game version, the scene details are much better than the mobile phone, and it provides customized button operations for PC. Media Bahamut has made a comparison video of the mobile game version and the PC version of "Diablo: Immortal", let's take a look!

Credit: GameInformer

As promised by Blizzard, the picture quality and frame rate of the PC version are significantly higher than those of the mobile game version. The interface layout of the two is similar but the operation is different. At that time, will you prefer to play on the high-quality and higher PC side or choose the convenient mobile terminal?


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