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DLC Pack #3: Together with Animals' for Doraemon Tale of Seasons: Friends of the Big Kingdom is now

Publisher Bandai Namco and creator Marvelous announced that "DLC Pack #3: Together with Animals" for Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom is now accessible alongside a free update.

Discover more below.

■ DLC Pack #3: “Together with Animals”

The downloadable content pack, “Together with Animals,” has been designed to make your farmstead life even more enjoyable! Farm animals form the key motif of this pack, so check out the comfortable fluffy outfits and animal-themed furniture available! Additionally, a mini scenario featuring the secret gadget “Tracer Badge,” is also available.


  • Costumes for all five main characters.

  • Eight different items of furniture.

  • A mini scenario featuring the new secret gadget, “Tracer Badge.”


A group of chicks have escaped from their pen, in search of their mother who has been taken to the animal hospital. Using the secret gadget, “Tracer Badge” that allows people or objects to be tracked on a special radar screen, Noby and his friends set off in search of the mother hen…

■ Free Update

A free update has been released, featuring special bonus items such as “Noby Balloon” and “Doraemon Balloon” that players can use to decorate their farms. This comes as an addition to early-purchase bonuses such as the “Summer Wear Set” and “Home Furniture Set.”

The Noby Balloon and Doraemon Balloon are sure to give players’ farmstead a splash of color and fun, so don’t miss out!

The PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions of Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Big Kingdom are now accessible through Steam.

See a brand-new trailer below.

DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of the Great Kingdom - DLC Pack #3 “Together with Animals” B-Roll

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