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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been revealed for the PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been revealed by Square Enix for the PlayStation 5. It's the second instalment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. It will debut in the winter of 2023.

The business also revealed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split into three parts. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first title, followed by Final Fantasy Rebirth and a third and final title that has yet to be revealed.

Here's a quick rundown of the game, courtesy of Square Enix:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second instalment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series, which spans three games and chronicles the story of the legendary fantasy game that transformed the RPG genre. Final Fantasy VII Remake was a hit with both gamers and critics upon its release, selling over five million copies worldwide. The PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released next Winter.

Here's a collection of messages from the game's developers:

Final Fantasy VII Remake Series Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura

"As said during the programme, four Final Fantasy VII projects are now in development at the same time. Despite the fact that each of the four games has a distinct role to perform, they are all linked by the high-quality renderings of Final Fantasy VII's environment and characters. I completely understand the concept and thoughts behind each project as someone who was involved in the development of each of the original titles, and I am actively involved in the development process for all four titles.

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is being developed so that anyone can enjoy it, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with the original game." In fact, new players may find Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to be a fun way to begin their Final Fantasy VII adventure. In this game, Cloud and his buddies embark on a new adventure, and I believe the events they observe after they leave Midgar will provide players with a fresh, new experience. I'm excited to explain why the first title, 'Remake,' and the second title, 'Rebirth,' were chosen. I expect to unveil the title of the third title, as well as the conclusion of this voyage, in due time.

"Since we switched to a new development framework, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been moving quickly." It's rare to find a title of this magnitude in which everything is interwoven even before production begins. In fact, some work on the third title has already begun. I've started working on the development of the series and am nearing completion.

"From now until we cross the finish line, we'll work hard to bring this title to fans with the same level of enthusiasm." In the meantime, have a look at the other 25th anniversary projects that continue to enrich the Final Fantasy VII universe."

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi

"I am ecstatic to be able to announce Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and I feel a huge sense of responsibility to offer the ultimate Final Fantasy VII experience to all of the fans who have been waiting for this game for so long." The project is already in full production, and the crew is really enthusiastic about bringing everything together on the project and trying to finish it. The Final Fantasy VII remake will be a three-part series, but Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is much more than that. We're working on it with all the love and devotion that goes into making a unique game, and we're hoping to give the best gameplay and world-building experience possible. It will be well worth the wait!"

Final Fantasy VII Remake Series Producer and Final Fantasy VII Director Yoshinori Kitase

"We are pleased to announce that the second title, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, will be released next winter, almost three years after the initial Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was launched in April 2020. For all of the fans who are eagerly expecting the next game, three years may seem like a long time, but we want to provide the finest experience possible and reassure everyone that development is moving at an astoundingly quick rate for such a large-scale HD title. These second instalments are frequently regarded as fan favourites. In the same vein, we hope to make Final Fantasy VII Rebirth even more gripping and memorable than Final Fantasy VII Remake, so please bear with us until we finish up."

Watch the trailer for the announcement below. The first screenshots are available in the gallery. Here is the link to the official Japanese website.


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