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From October 28 to November 1 there will be a closed beta test for Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials, a survival horror game, will have a restricted beta test from October 28 to November 1, according to Red Barrels, the creator. The beta's specifics and registration information will be released at a later time.

According to a press statement from Red Barrels, co-founder and creator David Chateauneuf, "We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback last year when we revealed the first gameplay footage for The Outlast Trials at [Gamescom 2021] Opening Night Live." It's wonderful to be back this year and to be able to announce the date on which fans, rather than test participants, can enrol in the Closed Beta testing.

Red Barrels Games has provided the following synopsis of the game:

Set in the height of the Cold War era, players take on the role of test subjects abducted by the shadowy Murkoff Corporation. Imprisoned in a secret Murkoff facility, players will be thrust into a series of physical and mental ordeals, tormented by iconic characters, and challenged alone or in teams to survive with their sanity intact.

A PC version of The Outlast Trials is being created (Steam, Epic Games Store). Release information is still pending.

the trailer is below.

The Outlast Trials - Closed Beta Trailer | Gamescom 2022

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