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Graveless, an action role-playing game for the PS5, Xbox One, and PC, has been announced by DreadOut

Developer of the DreadOut series Digital Happiness has unveiled Graveless, a third-person action role-playing game in which players purge the undead while taking on the role of the harbinger of death. In "202X," it will go on sale for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

According to the game's Steam page, below is a description:


Graveless is a single-player, third-person dungeon crawler and hack-and-slash action RPG set in the realm of chaos when immortality is no longer a myth and fiction.

Death was supposed to come to those who were mortal. Now that immortality is no longer a myth and fiction. Death… needs its agents.

To those who are graveless. You are the reaper.

Key Features

  • A Feast of Mortality – Tarnished by eternity, your adventure will be brimming with overwhelming threats from the Immortals. Purify the undead, and become the harbinger of their death.

  • Otherworldly Realm – Delve into the vast enigmatic realm of immortality. Where a multilayered story told in fragments, discovering the unknown that intersects in your pilgrimage, unravels its enigma.

  • Awaken Your Inner Power – Define your unique style. Harness, improve, master, and develop your skills by constantly adapting your play style to suit your unique abilities.

Watch the teaser trailer for the announcement below.

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