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Kingdom: The Blood, an action role-playing game, will launch on PC, iOS, and Android

Kingdom: The Blood, an action role-playing game for PC, iOS, and Android based on the Netflix series Kingdom, has been unveiled by publisher Netflix and South Korean developer Action Square. There was no mention of a release date.

Here is an overview of the game, via Netflix:

Kingdom: The Blood is a single and multiplayer action RPG. Staying true to the beloved Netflix series, Kingdom: The Blood recreates characters, zombies and vicious action from the show in high-quality 3D graphics. Korean culture is treated with the utmost care in both gameplay and aesthetic. Motion capture was recorded using a professional Korean sword dancer to perfectly replicate deadly Korean-style combat. Players will show off their own personality with character creation and customization. The game takes you through beautiful sceneries of Korean palaces as well as zombie-infested city of Hanyang. Diverse costume options, including Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), feature deep colors and textures representative of 16th century Korea. Kingdom: The Blood will include a story mode that follows the Netflix drama. Game modes include Conquest Mode, a sequence of diverse five-minute battles, in addition to epic multi-boss battles and intense player-versus-player combat. The K-zombie RPG will launch on mobile and PC for global audiences.
Kingdom: The Blood - Gameplay Trailer

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