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Launch date for Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 Remaster in Japan is October 26

On October 26 in Japan, Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 Remaster, a remastered version of the 1998 arcade mahjong game by Video System, will be made available for Switch via the Nintendo eShop for 2,480 yen. Pre-orders can be made right now for 2,232 yen less.

An overview of the game can be found here via City Connection:

Find Miss Final Romance! Play Mahjong Against Beautiful Girls!

Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 is an arcade mahjong game released by Video System in 1998.

In preparation for the big “Miss Final Romance” event, the player must get acquainted with the female candidates and challenge them in mahjong to scout them. Enjoy fully-voiced cutscenes and beautiful animations for every victory.

The points earned by winning mahjong matches can be used to purchase cheat items, with the key to victory being to advance to the next match with the upper hand. There is also an Album Mode in which you can view illustrations and movies of the girls you have cleared.

High-Quality Animation Parts! Numerous Improvements, Amendments, and Additional Visuals!

In addition to numerous visual improvements and amendments by the original game’s character designer Gomoku Akatsuki, there are also additional visuals for the PC version, discussed below. The animation scenes have also been remastered in high-definition.

A Series Three-Pack for PC!

The PC collection Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2·R·4 Special (announced on May 26), which includes Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 as well as Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 and Idol Mahjong Final Romance R, will launch via DMM Games on August 25.

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