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Launch of Backfirewall on January 30

Backfirewall, a first-person "tragicomic adventure," will be released on January 30 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, according to publisher All in! Games and developer Naraven Games.

According to the game's Steam page, below is a description:


Hello and welcome to Backfirewall_, a first-person tragicomic adventure set inside a smartphone. You are the update assistant. Solve wacky puzzles to counter the update and save the previous operating system from deletion. The fate of the System is in your hands!

~A tragicomedy in your smartphone.~

Press enter to update your smartphone…

>WAIT A NANOSECOND! I’m talking to you, update assistant!

>I’m OS9, the operating system of this phone, and I am not going to update. Help me stop it!

>Besides, not everything here is broken enough to be erased! Here, let me show you some awesome features of the system:

Key Features

  • Clever Puzzles – Review terminal errors in RAM, party in the Speakers’ exclusive nightclub, navigate through the Wi-Fi bureaucracy, and explore other areas of a smartphone.

  • Cheat-Codes to Manipulate the Environment – Hunt down or create bugs, trim binary trees, master music-controlled platforms, collect errors, and delete data using special cheat-codes.

  • A Variety of App-Characters – Gossip with quirky pieces of software—the sassy Photos, the insecure Social Media F, or the neglected Health, among others—and uncover their distinct side stories.

  • Numerous Collectibles – Collect emails scattered about to discover a parallel story of the mysterious phone User.

  • Unproductive and Useless Humor – Enjoy meta satirical humor and breaking the fourth wall.

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