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Launch of Glaciered in 2025; PLAYISM publisher

The underwater science-fiction action adventure game Glaciered, created by Japanese studio Snowblind and first shown off in July 2022, will be published by PLAYISM, according to the firm. In 2025, it will debut on the PC through Steam.

Outside of Steam, we're also starting to see the prospect of producing a console version, the developer added in reference to the potential for a console release. Although we haven't reached the point where we can officially announce it, we will do so as soon as we can provide more information, so please be on the lookout for it.

According to the game's Steam page, below is a description:


Glaciered takes place on Earth 65 million years in the future, where the “Everwinter” has transformed the planet’s surface into a gigantic sheet of ice and life continues to survive under the glacier-covered seas.

Aquatic plants grow from glacier skies and colorful, bioluminescent fish light the seafloor. A new species prospers in this new golden age of life. They are the Tuai, descended from birds and successors of the dinosaurs. The superior intellect and unique metabolism they evolved over millions of years secured their prosperity in this icy environment. The great Ice Age that nurtures this bountiful ecosystem will survive for as long as the Everwinter persists.

Play as a Tuai fighting against that which has come to threaten the Everwinter.

Key Features

  • Glaciered features real-time, dynamic combat that combines melee and ranged attacks with special abilities. Unleash the power within the Tuai avian and dinosaur bloodlines and harness their ability to control heat and cold.

  • Build your character by combining various abilities and passive skills like high-speed swimming that creates tunnels of supercritical water, temporal crystal blades, and more.

  • Discover unique ecosystems spread across an ocean Earth 65 million years in the future. Visit grasslands growing from icy skies, swim past schools of thermophilic fish coating the seafloor, and fend off members of the Crocodilia family that have been freed from gravity’s grip and grown to enormous size.

  • Glaciered supports NVIDIA RTX features. Experience the far-future Earth in 4K, enhanced by ray-tracing and DLSS, with 8K textures used for the main characters.

Glaciered - The Sea of Tranquility Trailer

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