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Layla Ellison's character from the Redfall movie

The open-world cooperative first-person shooter Redfall's publisher Bethesda Softworks and creator Arkane Studios Austin have shown the first of a series of character trailers. Layla Ellison is introduced in the opening trailer.

According to the trailer, "[Layla Ellison] is a biomedical engineering student who interned at an Aevum research facility, when something terribly wrong went down, leaving her with intense telekinetic talents." "Her skills provide you total flexibility; Umbrella is ideal for either offence or defence. To climb roofs or throw adversaries into the air, use Lift. Then call forth Jason to devastatingly damage any nearby foes.

On May 2, Redfall will be available for Xbox One and PC users via Steam, the Epic Games Shop, and the Microsoft Store.

the trailer is below.

Redfall - The Telekinetic Threat | Layla Hero Trailer

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