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Little Witch Nobeta launches on September 29+ 1080p Gameplay Preview

Justdan International, a Taiwanese publisher, has announced that Little Witch Nobeta would be released in its entirety on September 29. The game will be released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC.

Pupuya Games and SimonCreative from Taiwan created Little Witch Nobeta, a 3D action shooting game. The game's protagonist is Nobeta, a young witch who has lost her memory. Nobeta travels alone to an ancient castle in order to unearth the secrets of her past.

In the old castle, Nobeta will face a slew of adversaries and bosses. As a witch, Nobeta can use elemental magic or her staff to fight foes, and she can dodge enemy assaults by rolling for invincibility for a period of time. These skills will be crucial when she continues her exploration of the palace. Nobeta's magic is ready to use right away, but she can charge each spell by reciting an incantation. While the incantation takes some time, once the magic is fully charged, the impact of the magic changes, and the spell deals immense damage when cast.

Players must use caution when Nobeta is chanting a spell because her movement speed is slowed. By attacking with her staff, avoiding strikes with well-timed rolls, or parrying an enemy's attack, you can charge the power of the magic and decrease the incantation time. By anticipating the enemy's moves and skillfully evading and parrying while fighting, the player can engage in some spectacular bouts.

The game features a slew of adorable characters, including not only Nobeta but also the bosses she encounters within the castle. There are a lot of beautiful moves in Nobeta. For example, when she runs out of stamina, she entirely collapses, and when she pulls a lever, she uses her entire body and every ounce of strength she possesses. Despite its pleasant appearance on the surface, the game offers players difficult combat and difficult exploration. There are, however, a variety of difficulty levels to pick from.

Little Witch Nobeta began development in June 2017, according to the official website. In June 2020, the game was released in early access on Steam, and in October of that year, it was reported that the production crew had been expanded. On Steam, 90 percent of the 6,400 user reviews are positive, earning the game a "Very Positive" rating. Players appear to have enjoyed the adorable character designs as well as the hard fighting, which has been described as Soulslike.

The game has an impressive cast, including voice actress Konomi Kohara, who plays Nobeta, and hololive's Omaru Polka, Shirakami Fubuki, and Shirogane Noel, who play Tania, Monica, and Vanessa, respectively. All four have made statements that have been published on the official website.

A standard physical release of the game will be available in Japan for 5,000 yen (around $38), as well as a limited deluxe edition for 15,000 yen (around $116), which will include an artbook, a soundtrack CD, and a tapestry and a signed reproduction of part of the script created in collaboration with the three voice talents from VTuber group hololive. The art of the tapestry and the content of the script differ depending on the platform, with Shirakami Fubuki appearing on the PlayStation 4, Omaru Polka on the Nintendo Switch, and Shirogane Noel on the PC (Steam).

The Necromancer in-game outfit is included in the PlayStation 4 edition, whereas the Vampire costume is included in the Nintendo Switch version. After completing the game for the first time, the costumes become available for use on subsequent playthroughs. Depending on where you buy the game in Japan, you can also get a selection of original shop extras.

Little Witch Nobeta's official webpage may be found here. Early access to the game is presently accessible on Steam.

《Little Witch Nobeta》1080p Gameplay Preview



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