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New Black Heaven Story And Boss for MapleStory M

A July update for MapleStory M, the mobile MMORPG spin-off based on the original MapleStory, adds new story content, a new endgame boss, and a new fifth profession ability. After the maintenance window on July 6, the update is now available.

Black Heaven is the name of the new story update, which is composed of six acts and 45 episodes. Through the Dungeons menu, characters with a character level of 140 or higher can access Black Heaven. The plot of Black Heaven centres on stopping the terrible villain Gelimar through a series of missions. Players will receive EXP for completing episodes, as well as unique gifts for their first clear.

The new endgame boss, Lotus, who can be encountered once one of the players' characters completes all of the Black Heaven episodes, requires a character level of 200.

Players who have finished the V Matrix and have 200 character levels can only acquire the new fifth job talent. Both each job and each class level will receive a special skill. Visit Nexon's Maple M patch notes to find out more about these.

Another set of updates will be released for MapleStory M later in the summer. There will soon be a new playable class and fourth anniversary events.

Nexon America, the same company that created the original side-scrolling MapleStory, released MapleStory M in 2018.

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