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Nintendo will keep releasing new Switch games

Nintendo plans to keep adding new games and content to the Switch “without being bound by the traditional concept of the platform lifecycle”.

During the fiscal year that ends in March 2024, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated in the company's second quarter financial results presentation.

“Nintendo Switch will be entering its eighth year in March 2024,” Furukawa said. “We will continue to release new titles and content for Nintendo Switch without being bound by the traditional concept of the platform lifecycle.”

Furukawa continued, “Going forward, we would like to continue to see many consumers play Nintendo Switch, and to maintain our business momentum.”

Furukawa also revealed Nintendo Switch Online has over 38 million members as of September 30, 2023, and that Nintendo plans to “continue to offer new ways for users to enjoy Nintendo Switch over the long term by expanding the content available through Nintendo Switch Online.”

Nintendo Account, which is free, has over 330 million registered users. This includes regions where Switch is not sold, as mobile applications have brought Nintendo Account to a wider range of users.

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