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'Overview' trailer for WarioWare: Move It!

A three-minute overview trailer for the motion-based microgame collection WarioWare: Move It! has been released by Nintendo.

The following is a summary of the game from


Get moving with Wario!

Find your perfect form with a multitude of motion-based microgames in a brand-new entry in the WarioWare series!

Microgame Mania

Grab a pair of Joy-Con controllers and get moving as you gently shake, punch, dance, wiggle, and even curtsey through over 200 lightning-fast microgames (minigames that last just a few hilarious seconds). Chop bamboo, break out of jail, return a curtsey, and more as you master some really ridiculous moves.

  • Locomotion – Make like a train and chug on down the track.

  • Biggest Fan – Wave a fan to blow fleece off a furry friend.

  • Pure Waddle – Waddle along in a parade of penguins.

  • Take the Plunger – Looks like the toilet needs some help—get to work!

  • Buttograph – Sign your autograph using a pen that’s clenched in your… um…

  • When Our Eyes Meet – Try to maintain eye contact with your secret crush.

  • Feeling Peckish – Peck at bugs and worms in the dirt—yum!

  • Shell Shine – Spruce up your turtle shell with a towel.

Fantastic Form

The secret to these madcap minigames is perfecting your form. Some of these will require some… um… unique movements!

Story Mode

Help Wario complete a series of lightning-fast microgames to escape the Woods Watchers!

You can play Story Mode with a pair of Joy-Con controllers or a second player can join in some couch co-op fun with another set of Joy-Con controllers.

Party Mode

Up to four players, each with one Joy-Con controller, can laugh out loud in the local Party Mode’s minigames, like a board game with Wario-style rules!

On November 3 in every country, WarioWare: Move It! will be released for Switch.

the trailer is below.

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