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PC release of Human Fall Flat 2 announced

The puzzle platformer sequel Human Fall Flat 2 on PC (Steam) has been announced by publisher Devolver Digital and creator No Brakes Games. There was no mention of a release date.

According to the game's Steam page, below is a description:

Human Fall Flat 2 is the bigger, better and clumsier sequel to the puzzle platformer global sensation featuring brand new levels, customizable characters, and even wilder physics-based fun.

Each intricate level comes packed with new toys and devices to fiddle with as you’ll solve a range of fiendish puzzles on your own or in teams of up to eight friends.

A new physics-engine, new gameplay interactions and new mechanics will make every session uniquely silly and more dynamic than ever before. Along with refined controls, visuals, and music, Human Fall Flat 2 is a slapstick experience unlike any other!

Human Fall Flat 2 - Announce Teaser Trailer

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