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Powered by two M2 Max Dies and Apple's 24-Core M2 Ultra, the new Mac Pro and Mac Studio

Here at WWDC, Apple added its newest and most potent member to the M2 family of Apple Silicon chips. The revised Mac Studio, a setup with M2 Max, and a new Mac Pro will all be powered by the new system on a chip, the M2 Ultra. The company has now completely moved away from using CPUs from Intel.

Apple claims that M2 Ultra, which joins two M2 Max dies, is the most powerful chip for a personal computer, which is a big boast.

With options for up to 76 GPU cores, the M2 Ultra chip will have 24 CPU cores (16 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores), providing 20% faster performance than the M1 Ultra. RAM might be as much as 192GB. All of these improvements are made in comparison to the M1 Ultra, which has 20 CPU cores, a 64-core GPU, a 32-core Neural Engine, and 800 GB/s of memory bandwidth. Six Pro Display XDR monitors can be accommodated by the new Studio.

Although the Mac Studio has a similar appearance to the previous model, the new chips should offer noticeable advantages, particularly for multi-core workloads. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros already include the M2 Max, which will be included in the Mac Studio's initial configurations.

According to Apple, the price of the Mac Studio will start at $1,999, or $1,799 for consumers in the education market.

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