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Resident Evil Village New Winters' Expansion DLC- "Shadows Of Rose"

Resident Evil Village will get a new tale just in time for Halloween this year. Winters' Expansion, a collection of downloadable material from Capcom, includes a new chapter called "Shadow of Rose," which continues the story of Village protagonist Ethan's daughter as she grapples with her disgusting mold-based superpowers.

During Capcom's June game expo, the DLC chapter was announced, along with a lot of information on what the new tale will entail. Shadow of Rose picks up after the concluding sequence of the Village base game, which skips forward 16 years to show us a grown-old Rose. Rose's talents were acquired from her parents' exposure to the mutagenic moss at the centre of Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil VII, according to Village's ending, and individuals like Chris Redfield are keeping a careful check on her as a result.

Rose's story looks as though it'll take on a more psychological tone than the original story of Village did. According to the Capcom Showcase, Rose find herself merged with the consciousnesses within the megamycete, the huge mold colony beneath the Village in the base game that helped spawn Village's monsters. We learned in Village that people infected by the mold may have their consciousnesses merge with it even after they die, so who knows what she'll find there. In the trailer, Rose encounters another girl who looks exactly like her, and is led through the story by a seemingly spectral force that calls itself Michael.

As highlighted by Capcom, Shadows of Rose isn't just about monsters—the entire universe is out to murder you, and because everything exists within Rose's consciousness rather than physical reality, the locations appear to twist and alter around you as you play.

On October 28, The Winters' Extension DLC will be released, which will include a new third-person mode for the basic game as well as an expansion of Village's Mercenaries mode with new characters and stages.



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