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Scarlet and Violet from Pokémon have forced us all to wear school uniforms

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet greatly broaden the scope of the Pokémon universe. The globe of Paldea, one of the largest locales the franchise has ever featured, serves as the setting for the games. The games additionally broaden the main adventure by offering players different paths in addition to testing gym leaders. Although the vision and breadth are significantly greater than what we've seen in previous mainline Pokémon games, there is one important area where they clearly regress: character design.

That's because you can no longer fully personalise your trainer's attire for the first time since Pokémon X and Y. Only four different costume options are available, despite the fact that you can alter your character's appearance with a variety of non-gender-locked hairstyles, four different skin tones, and a variety of accessories.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you take on the role of a brand-new trainer entering an extremely prestigious institution. You can accessorise your trainer with goods from different cities, such as backpacks, sunglasses, socks, shoes, or hats. But wearing a school uniform won't allow you to alter your personality. Currently, there are four basic uniform choices: pants-and-suspenders, puffer vest and shorts (shorts! ), a wrinkled beach shorts style, and finally, more formal pants and a winter coat over your white button-up ensemble. These clothes all play off the formal, school-appropriate attire of a white button-up and tie.

Furthermore, purchasing accessories can be difficult. You must locate each store individually and purchase various types of accessories one at a time because every town has its own collection of businesses. You are compelled to shop hop as you purchase each and every item in each town, from the hat shop to the bag shop. The inability to shop is also impacted by the games' technological faults. To see what my trainer looked like wearing pink stockings, I had to set my Switch down and wait for the outfit and trainer avatar to load whenever I entered a shop menu.

However, other restrictions overshadow even this annoying process. I decided to give my character curly hair, so I couldn't use many of the headwear. This eliminated a substantial portion of the customising possibilities, which were already few.

This eliminated a substantial portion of the customising possibilities, which were already few. I chose some stylish round sunglasses since I loved the options I had, but I really wanted I could have given her another outfit except the four standard choices.

The costume is justified by the game's narrative. Although you can skip out on class after spending a few hours there in the beginning because you are a student, you are actually conducting independent research by exploring the wider world.

It's just disappointing to discover that cute clothing didn't appear to be a focus in this specific voyage, even though I love my character and the adorable selfies she takes with other people.

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