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Simmers are concerned about the Sims 5 mobile support

(Image credit Google Play)

The Sims 5 was formally introduced as Project Rene, but devoted Simmers are already concerned about the upcoming game.

The next Sims game's early stages of production were showcased at the Behind the Sims Summit, where Lyndsay Pearson, vice president of franchise creative at The Sims, made a suggestion about PC and mobile crossplay. It appears that players will be able to access The Sims on both their preferred mobile device and another platform at the same time. Moving an object in build mode on one platform will also move it on the other platform.

While initially appearing to be a benefit for mobile Simmers, The Sims community is concerned about how the alleged mobile compatibility will affect the aesthetics and performance of the upcoming game. One worried Simmer comments, "If it's going to support both PC and mobile, you know it's going to be mainly a smartphone game."

"A major warning sign is PC-Mobile crossplay. This limits the game's possibilities in terms of graphics and gameplay because it must be built to work on both platforms. Just look at all the improvements that were lost when FIFA (another EA franchise, let me remind you) became crossplatform "another says.

Others were concerned that a game with so much mobile compatibility would also have microtransactions or lack the intense gameplay that fans are anticipating will be in the upcoming instalment of the franchise. Imagine having to restrict oneself to something that is playable on a phone, fears one user. "It's bad enough that they have to limit The Sims 4 to account for consoles (sorry console players... but it's kind of true)

One commenter attempted to allay worries by speculating that The Sims 5 might not be "completely crossplay," but might rather provide players the ability to design and construct rooms to put in an in-game library.

They claim they want Sims to be able to do more, but doing so would put an undue strain on phones (even expensive phones would have problems), and screen sizes would also be an issue, the Redditor argues.

Since The Sims 5/Project Rene is still extremely early in its development, we don't know what EA has in store for its mobile compatibility and we might not find out for some time. Let's hope the upcoming Sims game offers every feature we've requested.

Infants will be added to The Sims 4 in 2013, according to the Behind the Sims Summit.

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