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Switch version of Fishing Spirits: Fish and Play Aquarium announced

Fishing Spirits: Fish and Play Aquarium for Switch has been released by Bandai Namco. It will debut in Japan in 2022.

According to the game's official website, here is a summary:

Welcome to “Big Catch Medal Land,” an aquarium represented by a large shark and theme park featuring five attractions. Choose an attraction, gather medals, and answer quizzes to win medals.
Catch various fish to fill out your aquarium. You can also closely observe the fish you collect.
Theme Park
There are five attractions to play in the theme park:
Fishing Spirits Plus – Play the popular Fishing Spirits game from the arcade—at home!
Online God Angler Championship – Aim to become number one online!
Poison Dock Legend – Get to know poisonous fish through story mode.
Fishing Spirits Party – A collection of competitive games that everyone can play together.
Shark Shark Fever – Defeat sharks to win medals in this medal drop game.

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