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Teaser for Resident Evil Village DLC and October showcase announcement

A new Resident Evil Village DLC teaser has been released, and Capcom promises that additional information about the upcoming October presentation will be available "soon."

Resident Evil Village New Winters' Expansion DLC- "Shadows Of Rose"

The 30-second blend of gameplay and cinematic video features some truly horrifying monsters, including one that appears to be a new stalker-type foe with a very lethal-looking melee weapon, as well as a brief preview of the supernatural abilities of the now-teenaged Rose Winter. We also get to see more of the impending third-person mode, which will be included with the next Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, which launches on October 28, along with the Shadows of Rose DLC and other free additional accessibility features.

It's odd that Capcom has yet to announce a date for the upcoming Resident Evil demonstration, which was initially planned for October. You'd think we'd at least have a release date by now, given that October is almost halfway over, but it appears Capcom is taking its sweet time.

It's impossible to predict what will be shown at the highly anticipated Resident Evil October showcase, but there's a chance we'll see more of the Resident Evil Village Rose DLC, the recently confirmed Resident Evil 4 remake for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, or something else new.

One thing is certain: with this future DLC, the Winter family's journey will come to an end. Of course, this has already prompted rumours about what Resident Evil 9 may be about.

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