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The first free update for Mario Strikers: Battle League is released on July 22 and includes Daisy

The first free update for Mario Strikers: Battle League, which adds Daisy and Shy Guy as playable characters, as well as the "Knight" gear and new stadium "Desert Ruin," will be made available on July 22 by publisher Nintendo and developer Next Level Games.

Later in 2022, two additional updates that are free to download will be released, including new stadiums, characters, and equipment.

Discover more below:

A loud roar erupts across the stadium. The audience cheers as newly added players dash out onto the field. These up-and-coming strikers have a lot to prove in this no-holds-barred sport, but they’re prepared to hit the rough turf with some slick moves and deliver the goods. Please welcome Daisy and Shy Guy to Mario Strikers: Battle League for Switch! Beginning July 22, a free update will be available to all Mario Strikers: Battle League players which adds a number of new features to the game, including the new playable characters Daisy and Shy Guy, a new set of Knight-themed gear and the new Desert Ruin stadium. Here are more details on the new content you can enjoy:
Daisy – Whether on offense or defense, Daisy’s high technique attribute, skillful passing and Flower Spiral Hyper Strike will keep opponents guessing!
Shy Guy – Evenly balanced in all attributes, Shy Guy is always eager to take the field no matter the position. Plus, Shy Guy’s Propeller Dive Hyper Strike is a force to be reckoned with.
Knight-Themed Gear – When equipped, this gear increases the strength and shooting attributes at the cost of other attributes.
Desert Ruin Stadium – Get gritty in a new stadium featuring the appearance of desert ruins. In addition to using the Desert Ruin stadium in matches, you can also set it as your club stadium!

Try out these new features and see what fantastic plays you can use to drive the ball in. Sports enthusiasts throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond will be inspired by your assurance and poise in front of the goal!

There will be two more free updates for Mario Strikers: Battle League in 2022. Also included in these updates are new characters, items, and stadiums. Please check back later for additional information.

The Switch version of Mario Strikers: Battle League is currently accessible.

Mario Strikers: Battle League - 1st Free Update - Nintendo Switch



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