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The Google Stadia Controllers Will Support Bluetooth

As the termination date for Stadia approaches, Google reveals its early plans for implementing Bluetooth support for its Stadia Controllers.

With Stadia's demise just days away, Google affirms that it will push out Bluetooth support for Stadia Controllers. Early investors were shocked to learn that Stadia would be closing down because Google had assured them the cloud gaming business wouldn't disappear. At the very least, Google is providing refunds for every Stadia purchase. Additionally, it is giving its controllers Bluetooth support so that they may continue to be used even after Stadia ends.

In September 2022, it was revealed that Google Stadia would be discontinued. After January 18, 2023, games purchased for Google Stadia will no longer be available, according to Google, whose servers will still be running for the service. Google started offering refunds for Stadia Store purchases of software and hardware in November. Users wouldn't be required to return hardware purchases.

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