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Trailer and pictures for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever's PS5 and PS4 "Combat"

Action role-playing game Sword and Fairy: Together Forever's publisher eastasiasoft has unveiled a new trailer and photos displaying the combat in the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Eastasiasoft provides the following overview of combat:

The switch from turn-based mechanics to seamless real-time combat in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is one of the game's biggest improvements. Because enemies may be seen on the field, players can assault or try to avoid conflicts.

Once a fight is started, it moves quickly and furiously as players unleash combos that get longer and stronger as characters level up. Each party member has certain abilities that make them vital, and additional element can be added to further tailor and balance the team's makeup. Additionally, the player can switch between characters that they are actively commanding, giving them total command over the battlefield in any circumstance.

Epic boss fights need quick-witted strategy and include "fast time events" that let players deal bonus damage in cinematic manner, while accurate evasion temporarily slows time and makes the adversary vulnerable to counterattack.

All of these concepts, when combined with the game's simple controls, mark a significant advancement for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever and serve as the ideal starting point for the series as it transitions to action RPG combat.

On August 4, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever will be released for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

On October 21, 2021, Sword and Fairy 7 for the PC became available via Steam for the first time.

the trailer is below. Visit the gallery to see the screenshots.

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