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Trailer for Brown Dust II's "Character Packs"

The second official trailer for Brown Dust II, which showcases the game's "Character Packs," has been released by publisher Neowiz and developer GAMFS N.

In the trailer, the following three "Character Packs" are emphasised:

The following three “Character Packs” are highlighted in the trailer:

  • High School Fantasy


  • Justia

  • Samay

  • Emma

Story Items

  • Class Room Card Key

  • Tattered Recipe

  • Tuna Can


  • High School

  • Forbidden Book

Post Apocalypse

  • Characters

  • Lathel

  • Wiggle

  • Lecliss

Story Items

  • PC-2 Key

  • Old Expedition Journal

  • Big Excavation Bomb MK-3

  • Concepts

  • Underground Shelter

  • Dystopia

Spy & Action

  • Characters

  • Schera

  • Andrew

  • Elise

  • Story Items

  • Electrical Circuit Diagram

  • Cage Map

  • Junks

  • Concepts

  • Secret Auction

  • Party Hall

For iOS and Android, Brown Dust II is in construction. Release information is still pending.

the trailer is below.

[Brown Dust 2] Official 2nd Trailer Release : Character Pack

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