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Trailer for "Nikki and the God of Beautiful Dreams" and music video for "Bloom Up" by Infinity Nikki

For Infinity Nikki, Papergames has unveiled a brand-new music video and trailer. The music video for Nikki's song "Bloom Up" is titled "Nikki and the God of Beautiful Dreams" and appears in the trailer (voiced by Kana Hanazawa).

"Do you remember the most fantastic dream you've ever had?" the trailer asks. Visit a fantastical fantasy world with Nikki! In the dream world, Niki is four years old, but she embarks on a beautiful journey by herself. Niki returns home at the end of the adventure and gets to see her adored grandmother.This dream inspired Niki, assisted in her development, and gave her the confidence to proceed.

For the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android, Infinity Nikki is under development. Go here to learn more about the game.

View the video below.

『インフィニティ ニキ』オフィシャルトレーラー:ニキと美しき夢の神

暖暖全新單曲 MV 【Bloom Up】
【インフィニティニキ】MV:BLOOM UP

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