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Vantage: Apex Legends' Abilities And Everything We Know About the New Legend for Season 14

On the outlying planet of Págos, Xiomara Contreras, also known as Vantage, was born. On the Gaean prison ship GDS Vantage, her mother Xenia Contreras was given a life sentence, but she was able to escape. Xiomara was raised by Xenia with the sole purpose of teaching her how to live and the knowledge that everything is out to get her.

Xiomara learned about the ship one day. Unaware of the nature of the ship, Xenia's mother warned Xiomara to avoid the destroyed vessel since it was filled only with cargo and soulless machines. Vantage's skills have already been revealed in an official video before it has ever been released. Vantage is a sniper-focused Legend with increased allied damage output, information-scanning for foes, and accurate damage delivery through a scoped lens.

View the movie for the narrative of Vantage below.

In Apex Legends: Hunted, New Legend Vantage is come to observe the competition on a reforged Kings Canyon. The launch of the will to survive is on August 9!

She’s one of the more unique characters for Apex Legends players to use, and unlike most Legends, her entire kit focuses on long-range tactics and eyeing out enemies before starting the fight.

Passive - Sniper Kit

Vantage’s passive ability allows the Legend to scan enemies and reveal information such as their names, Shield rarity, team size, and range. Her passive procs once she’s aiming down in ADS unarmed or long-range scopes.

Tactical (Q) - Echo Launch

Her Tactical skill launches a winged companion called Echo toward a chosen position using her trusty whistle. Vantage can order Echo to move anywhere by tapping Q. But Vantage can launch and fly toward Echo if she holds down Q, to which she can double jump once the character’s arrived.

Ultimate (Z) - Mark To Kill

Vantage’s Ultimate ability provides her with a custom sniper rifle that can scan enemies and boost damage for Vantage and her squad. Damage doubles for Vantage on successive shots, and her team gets an added fifteen percent damage amplification boost on scanned targets.

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