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Xbox Game Clips Cannot Anymore Be Directly Shared To Twitter From Consoles

As a result of Twitter's API changes, Xbox has verified that sharing game footage directly to Twitter from Xbox consoles and PCs has been disabled. Although Microsoft has not given a justification for the removal of this feature, it does coincide with a recent Twitter policy that charges businesses a beginning fee of $42,000 per month for API access.

Microsoft is currently urging customers to use the Xbox mobile app to directly publish videos from their accounts on Twitter. Since its introduction, the Xbox DVR system has gained some traction for posting video online because it's comparatively easy to push a button and showcase a memorable gaming experience within seconds.

This method was made more simpler with the arrival of the Xbox Series X|S consoles and an improved Xbox wireless controller because of a special capture button on the peripheral that could be programmed to record a particular amount of video. This is useful if you merely want to share a screenshot or a video clip that lasts 15 to 30 seconds.

Massive adjustments have been made at the social media platform at Twitter since Elon Musk paid $44 billion for it in October 2022 in order for it to become profitable. The gaming industry has been shaken up as a result of the company's mass layoffs and several policy changes. World of Warcraft, for instance, lost its built-in Twitter support, probably in response to Twitter's decision to charge for API access.

In an effort to combat "bot scammers" and "opinion manipulators," Musk has also suggested charging developers up to $100 per month for "API access with ID verification." This week, blue checkmarks from older accounts on the site were also removed. Due to their refusal to make the required payments, a number of gaming companies have as a result lost their checkmarks.

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