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You Can Start Master Mode With The Bow Of Light Thanks To A Bug In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

We have to question what else there is to learn about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when so many cheats and flaws have already been uncovered. We've seen ones that allow you to swim in lava (because why wouldn't you, right? ), ones that let you explore areas of the map that are normally unreachable, and even ones that allow you to dive underwater. The bulk of bugs have a mild impact and serve as amusing side distractions as you progress through the game. But the most recent one is a significant one that might fundamentally alter how you play Breath of the Wild.

Pulling off this trick will allow you to move inventory slots to fresh game saves as well as duplicate slots, but it will take some effort and you'll need a good collection of stuff to start with. Do you want the Bow of Light to be transferred quickly to a new save file? You can, though! In addition to any other items you want to save for a different playthrough of the game. The equipment can even be transferred to a Master Mode run, making the idea of taking on the harder difficulty setting much more appealing.

For a thorough explanation of how to carry out the item transfer and duplication, watch the video below, which was created by YouTuber Gaming Reinvented. It goes without saying that there have been flaws in the past that allow you to transfer items like the Bow of Light to a fresh save file, but those earlier techniques have shown to be too difficult and could have unintended, game-breaking consequences. Although this most recent technique is unreliable, it appears to be the first to support both a regular save file and a Master Mode save file. Start your sprinting now!

How to EASILY Get the Bow of Light/Transfer Items (No Memory Storage)

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